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Still Lifes
John Norlander

As a retired business executive, I am finally  enjoying the opportunity to focus on my interest in Art.

Although I had a longtime interest in art, it was art appreciation rather than art participation.  My academic studies were focused on economics and business after which I spent 40 years in the hotel industry. 
Over the years I worked on various projects that involved a variety of artistic efforts.  Eventually I tried to apply some effort directly on canvas.  I liked it.

Subsequently, while living in Beverly Hills, I studied with Billie Lowell and so began a serious study of oil painting.  During the past 20 years my job of developing a worldwide hotel company allowed  precious little time to follow my art interest but now that I have found paradise in Hilton Head, I have again turned to serious painting.

I have worked locally with Yvonne Stark on lowcountry landscapes, Joyce Nagel who introduced me to pastels, and now I am continuing to develop my own style.

It was a heady experience when I first found that I could actually sell some of my paintings.  So now I'm "professional".  Still not in any museum collections, so now is the time to become an early collector!

I am very  fortunate to have found the "Apple Pie Group" with whom I can paint "plein air" on a regular basis.

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