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Still Lifes
Here and There
The Sunshine Boys


Look at This

I enjoy taking photos as I travel and as I've continued to paint I find myself more and more drawn to try to paint the people and not just the landscapes.
This painting is from a photo that I took of my son and his best friend at the shore at Nags Head, NC many years ago.  It took a long time before it became a painting and then I just had to put in the Van Gogh sunshine for the Sunshine Boys.
A couple more of paintings of my family.  The kids on the beach looking for shells with my wife and my son's birthday and grandson skiing.
Blue Nude.
The human figure is always a challenge but I like the way theseturned out. 
This is the Life!
Lars surprised 
Kris is 7
By the Pool.
Blue Madonna
(My rendition)
Happy Couple, Happy Dolphins
Erik at Vail 
On the Beach
Rock Concert
On the beach in Acapulco
The Wedding